Zen Bound 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch May 24th

Zen Bound 2 is a unique down-tempo indie game. It is an opportunity to slow down, zone out, and focus on a task that’s challenging but not stressful: a set of gentle spatial puzzles. The game has been remastered for the Nintendo Switch with a completely new control method as well as improved graphics and audio.

The goal of the game is to paint wooden sculptures by wrapping them with rope. You accomplish this by rotating the Joy-Con in your hands like it were the sculpture on the screen - a simple task with surprising complexity.

Zen Bound 2 is a calm and meditative gameplay experience, with tactile, dusty visuals and a sublime, enveloping soundtrack by the electronic artist ‘Ghost Monkey’.


- Motion controls with HD Rumble support
- Over 100 levels
- Challenging achievements
- Exclusive 5.1 surround soundtrack
- Beautiful high definition visuals
- Multi-language support (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES, PT (BR), JP)

For any inquiries, send us a message at info@secretexit.com.